Rooted in a strong local skating community, the Town of Xala will provide young people with a base to learn from skaters from around the world, while also creating an inclusive environment. With the skatepark set to open in Summer 2021, this collaboration brings these two unique concepts together to launch a new era of positive societal change. 


The Heart Park.’ In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the world-class beachfront skatepark will serve as the epicenter for like-minded people near and far to gather and give back to the Mexican community. Phase one will consist of Schillereff’s home, guest housing, and the fully lit, shaded skatepark poised in the magical beach town of Xala. Described as Xala with Heart, the home-base will host events, skate camps and serve as The Heart Supply’s philanthropic arm. The inauguration will be celebrated in summer 2021.


About the property: The Town of Xala, sits on 3,000-acres on the Costalegre, south of Riviera Nayarit; comprised of three hotels, with a total of 150 rooms, and 150 homes. Created with environmental awareness first in mind - Xala is Mexico’s lowest-density project to ever exist. Xala incorporates innovative ways to positively enhance the community and oxygenate the land by bringing in organic farming practices, reviving trees and bringing in native wildlife to enhance, and sustain the natural landscape. The mission is too authentically incorporate community, culture and architecture with the surrounding natural environment. Xala is breathtaking location - built on creativity, simplicity and generosity. The Town of Xala is sanctuary for the socially conscious, that sparks imagination and inner peace, while being immersed in nature.