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Heart Park - Xala, Mexico 
Rooted in a strong local skating community, the Town of Xala will provide young people with a base to learn from skaters from around the world, while also creating an inclusive environment. With the skatepark set to commence its first skate sessions in Summer 2022, this collaboration brings these two unique concepts together to launch a new era of positive societal change. The inauguration was celebrated on December 10th, 2021.
The Heart Park.’ In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the world-class beachfront skatepark will serve as the epicenter for like-minded people near and far to gather and give back to the Mexican community. Phase one will consist of Schillereff’s home, guest housing, and the fully lit, shaded skatepark poised in the magical beach town of Xala. This newly established home-base will host events, skate camps and serve as The Heart Supply’s philanthropic arm. 
About the property: Xala is a regenerative destination along Mexico’s Pacific Coast where adventure, nature, and humanity seamlessly coexist. Steeped in culture and tradition, this vibrant community is home to 440 acres of mango fields, five miles of turtle sanctuaries, 590 acres of restorative land, and 1272 acres of natural protected area, along 3,000 acres of land - all surrounded by two Ramsar estuaries. Guided by nature, Xala’s architecture and aesthetics remain loyal to the land and its people by focusing on low-density development to become a blueprint for the future of regenerative travel.

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