Brandon Novak struggled with addiction since he was a teenager. His heroin addiction eventually left him destitute, friendless, and homeless. After many attempts to put his substance abuse behind him, Brandon was finally able to get sober in 2015. Novak now travels the country for Banyan Treatment Center as an addiction / recovery public speaker and interventionist, Brandon’s testimonial is a powerful mission statement for his commitment to the recovery community. 

 Celebrating Cab's faith, family and loyalty thought out his quest both on and of his skateboard. Steve Caballero's incredible raw talent, creativity and brilliance have shaped skateboarding cultures most defining moments. The Dragon embodies the force that has kept him united with some of the most iconic brands, art and music in skateboarding history. Additionally, it represents his loyalty and faith with his family, friends, and sponsors - through mountain highs and valley lows.
Bam is more than a name, he stands for a defining movement in youth culture. In a time before influencers, Youtube and Instagram, Bam Margera’s skateboarding, creativity, and hilarious circle of friends and family blazed new trails and redefined skateboarding and entertainment…. And most importantly, blanketed the earth with belly laughs - when we needed it most.